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Iron Sand Casting

Our iron foundry both have handmade clay sand casting pattern and resin sand casting pattern. Besides, we have automatic & manual molding line, for large QTY, we adopt automatic molding line for casting production, that will greatly lower the casting cost and speed up the lead time, however, for small QTY order, we’re also welcome, we will use our manual molding line for casting production, that means we can cast with dozen or hundred in a short lead time.

The ductile iron material specification we mainly cast is AISI/ASTM 60-40-18, 65-45-12, 80-55-06, EN-GJS-400-18/GJS-400-15/GJS-450-10/GJS-500-7/GJS-600-3.
The Gray cast iron material specification we mainly cast is ASTM A48, CLASS 30A/35A/40A/45A, EN-GJL-150/200 /250/300.

Sand casting is a procedure that makes use of non-reusable sand mold and mildews to create metal spreading’s. It is a common manufacturing approach for metal parts of all dimensions, from a couple of ounces to several tons. Sand casting isn’t only versatile in the dimension of its items– it can additionally produce incredibly complicated or detailed spreading’s, as well as can be utilized to cast almost any kind of steel alloy.

We offer remarkable high quality iron sand castings components and elements to markets including vehicle, transportation, mining, petrochemical, electrical, power and also others. We cast sand casting components approximately 10 metric loads. Materials can be aluminium alloy, ductile iron, brass alloy, Grayiron, etc.

We provide high accuracy CNC machining and also other additional procedures. We also offer quick model solutions. Both low to high-production quantity sand spreading rate.