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Renyi Castings is a professional OEM manufacturer, established in 2005, specializing in the supply of die casting, lost wax casting, sand casting, precision machining and metal products. We supply raw casting to final finish product.




We use tried and tested casting suppliers, but perform all secondary machining and QC operations in-house. Besides, we  have both aluminum die casting and sand casting joint-venture foundries.


Industry deep cultivation

Thanks to our experienced engineering team, skilled production operatives and strong relationship with key local sub-contractors, our company supplies a unique blend of manufacturing services to provide complete products to customers all over the world.



We have been certified in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015 quality management system through NQA, a UKAS recognized auditor. Our shop floor operate 5S methodology.



Our key advantage over other is our attitude toward quality. We know what's right, and not what just good enough. This is reflected in our quick response, technical analyze of drawings, proactive approach in passing on our production experience to help clients reduce cost and improve designs.

Our History



Aluminum Die Casting 100%
Sand Castings 100%
Investment Castings 100%
Lost Wax Castings 100%
CNC Machining 100%
Forging 100%



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Offical Website Revision


Ningbo Nathan Machinery Co., Ltd.


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Ningbo Renyi Casting Machinery Factory


Factory Establish

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Inspection Euqipment:

We have the chemical elements analysis centre and the mechanical testing centre which include the following quality control measures: Spectrographic analysis, magnaflux crack detection, ultrasonic detection, dynamic fatigue testing, hardness testing, proof and ultimate breaking strength test.

See our ideas come to life

All in all, we aim to supply competitively priced quality products, with the aim of creating a long lasting cooperation for mutual benefit.

Produce and Supply:

1)Die Castings: Aluminum(Al) Die Castings, Zinc(Zn) Die Castings

2)Metal Pattern Gravity Castings(Permanent Mould/Permanent Mold/Permanent Molding Castings/Permanent Moulding Castings):

Aluminum Metal Pattern Gravity Castings, Aluminum (Permanent Mould/Permanent Mold/Permanent Molding/Permanent Moulding)Gravity Castings

3)Sand Castings: Aluminum Sand Castings, Iron Sand Castings, Steel Sand Castings

4)Low Pressure Die Castings: Aluminum Low Pressure Die Castings.

5)Investment Castings(Precision Castings/Lost Wax Castings): Alloy Steel Investment Castings(Precision Castings), Carbon Steel Investment Castings(Precision Castings), Carbon Steel Lost Wax Castings, Stainless Steel Investment Castings(Precision Castings) Stainless Steel Lost Wax Castings.

6)Cast Iron: Grey Iron castings/Gray Iron Castings, Malleable Iron Castings, Ductile Iron Castings, with Coated Sand Casting & Green Resin Sand Castings & Sand Castings

7)Steel Castings & Non Ferrous Metals (Al, Zn etc., ) with process of Sand Castings (Coated Sands & Green Resin sands), Complex Castings, Investment Castings (Water Glass/Sodium Silicate/ Silicon Lost Wax Investment Castings), Die Casting & Metal Pattern Gravity Casting etc.,

Renyi Casting Materials

Aluminum Alloy Commercial Standard Equivalent Alloys  or  close substitutes
ANSI AA BS 1490 DIN 1725/2 JIS
413.2 American 413.2 LM6 GD-AlSi12  
A360 American A360.1 LM9   ADC3
A380 American A380.0 LM24 GD-AlSi8Cu3 ADC10
384 American 384     ADC12
ADC12 Japanese 383.0/384.0 LM2   ADC12
GD-AlSi9Cu3 German     GD-AlSi9Cu3  
GD-AlSi12(Cu) German A413.0 LM20 GD-AlSi12(Cu) ADC1

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