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Casting Services

Provide casting products that meet your product needs.

Alloys are lightweight and also possess high dimensional security for complicated component geometries and slim walls.

Gravity casting is a casting process used for non-ferrous alloy parts. Also we called Permanent Mould, the process is typically used on aluminum and zinc.

With the Sand casting process, we can cast from cast iron, cast aluminum, brass as well as steel casting, we have a powerful manufacturing process, especially for cast iron sand casting.

Investment Casting is our main way of manufacturing products, especially we can supply Stainless Steel casting at a very competitive price but good quality and fast lead time. 

Lost Wax Casting (Investment Casting), it is also called Silicon gel process (with green wax and Quartz sand )  that makes the steel casting surface much smoother and casting dimension have a better tolerance.

We offer a comprehensive range of forged shapes and products, manufactured using our various range open die hammers machine

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A professional and international casting factory

Renyi Casting is a professional OEM manufacturer, established in 2005, specializing in the supply of die casting, lost wax casting, sand casting,precision machining and metal products. We supply raw casting to final finish product.

A professional Casting since 2005

We supply raw casting to final finish product. We use tried and tested casting suppliers, but perform all secondary machining and QC operations in-house. Besides, we  have both aluminum die casting and sand casting joint-venture foundries.

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Various Investment Casting

Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel, Carbon Steel

Sand Casting

Cast Iron,Ductile iron


Carbon, Stainless welding, Aluminum extrusion

Die casting

Aluminum, ADC-12, ADC-10, A380, A356

Forging parts

Steel, Stainless steel, Brass, Aluminum

Surface finishing/ treatment

Anodizing, Chrome plating,Power Coat, Painting, surface hardening, Galvanizing

Gravity Casting

Aluminum, Al6061-T6, Al6063-T6, Al6082-T6


CNC Lathe, 4-axis CNC Center milling


Injection molding, metal stamping, hardware

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Exhibiting at GIFA 2019

 We will participate in the GIFA 2019 Exhibition, the world’s leading global Casting Convention. Welcome to visit our booth. Our information about this event is