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Sand Castings

Sand casting, is a metal casting process that uses sand as a molding material. The factory that specializes in sand casting is generally called a foundry. In China or the world, the castings produced by sand moulds account for more than 80% of the castings produced by various casting moulds. 

The sand used in sand casting is relatively cheap and has sufficient refractoriness, even in cast steel. In addition to sand, a properly proportioned binder (usually clay) is usually mixed or present in the sand. Water is usually added to the sand, but sometimes other substances are also added to change the strength and plasticity of the clay to produce a suitable degree of polymerization for the modeling. Sand is usually contained in a frame system or a mould box is used. The casting cavity is made by compressing the sand around the model, or using a template, or directly carving on the sand mold.

With Sand casting process, we can cast from cast iron, cast aluminum, brass as well as steel casting, we have powerful manufacturing process, especially for cast iron sand casting, we can supply with very competitive price, but in good quality and fast lead time.

Feedback RFQ

In 0 Hours

Our professional sales team will feedback your RFQ within 12 hours, and give you the Quotation within 48 hours max. if the drawing and specification is all in details.

Lead time for Mould and samples

0 Days

For normal project, we can complete Mould and supply the 1st article sample within 30 to 40 days.

For urgently project, we can complete the Mould and Sample within 20days max.

Payment terms for Order

For Mould/tooling and sample : 50% deposit pay by Order, rest 50% pay after sample approval.

For production Order for new Customers : we request 30% down payment, rest 70% pay by copy of Original B/L copy. For long lasting regular customer, we can give better payment terms, such as 100% pay after delivery or by B/L copy.

Customer service

How to solve non-conformity or other dispute if raise up

Quality is our life, during production, from QC to all our operators, we take quality as first thing, during the 1st Article sample and production, our team maintains the quality with same high level. However, no matter how we strictly to the quality, it is a possibility to supply non-qualified shipment to our clients, if this unhappy thing be happen, we will try our very best to negotiate with our customers and solve it as following : and try to reduce our customer’s loss as less as possible, then we will both earn experience from the lessons and definitely for our future  repeat order, we can supply the excellent quality shipment.


If the Order shipment have any quality problem, we will be open to discuss with clients, and manage to solve the non-conformity at our best efforts. If Client can repair the parts at locally, we can compensate back to re-pair local re-work cost. If can not be re-worked, we will return back the 100% money or issue a Credit note for the replacement of amount. Or replacement the new QTY of shipment to client. And if the non-conformity is not critical, customer can compromised accept them, we’re happy to discuss friendly with customer by give some discount to close this non-conformity shipment.