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Lost Wax Castings

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Renyi Castings is a Lost Wax Casting Manufacturer in China. With the aid of specialist expertise and also experience, we can supply lost wax casting, steel investment casting, investment casting, stainless steel with premium quality and competitive cost. Renyi castings is the leading suppliers and foundry of Lost wax castings. We are also manufacturing shed wax investment castings, steel spreading, and also precision investment casting items.

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Lost Wax Casting

lost wax castings

Lost Wax Casting

Lost Wax Castings (Investment Casting), we also called Silicon gel process (with green wax and Quartz sand) that make the steel casting surface much smooth and casting dimension in better tolerance, which is widely used for austenitic (non-magnetic) Stainless Steel material such as SS304/304L, SS316/316L, 17-4. Besides, we also cast carbon steel and alloy steel.

Lost wax investment casting

Lost wax investment casting procedure is a skilled method for the recreation of various things. Nonetheless, the treatment does have its disadvantages such as the preliminary cost, require for huge machinery as well as the particularity of holes in the mould.

Our Lost Wax Castings is the optimal as well as a recommended method for musicians who want to make items like sculptures or rings from a selection of alloys like bronze, steel, or copper.

Lost Wax Castings Progress


Here we will set out more about video technology,

1,Robotic shell coating machine

2,Our lost wax foundry use WAX MOLD AUTOMATIC INJECTION Machine to inject OUT the wax mold/pattern.