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Aluminum Sand Casting

Engineers team to design aluminum sand casting tooling and have an internal tooling workshop to machining the tooling/mold, which will greatly help clients to improve the casting quality, shorten the 1st article sample approval time and save the tooling cost.

Supply the aluminum raw sand casting to final finish product, including precision machining and surface treatment such as impregnation treatment, Mirror polish, powder coating, chrome plating, and other specialty finishes. Fast Tooling & sample lead time, competitive tooling cost and reasonable unit price, consistently good quality.

The Sand Cast aluminum material usually cast is

  • Al319 (ZL107)
  • A356.0 /G—AlSi7Mg( ZL101 )
  • A413.0 / LM20/G—AlSi12 ( ZL102 )
  • A336.0 AlSi12Cu

also, we can from pure aluminum such 6061/6062/6063 type, besides, we can offer T6 heat treatment.

Video Show melting aluminum Pouring into sand pattern