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China Ningbo Yinzhou Renyi Casting Machinery Factorty is one of China professionally manufacturer and dedicated supplier of various castings including precision cnc machining, investment casting, sand casting and aluminum die casting one. As for die casting, mostly we make the aluminum or alloy aluminum casting parts. If you have any interesting to our factory, pls feel free to contact with us by email or fax. We can accept the files with the form of Pdf, Jpg, CAD, IGS, STP, Pro-E as well as SOLIDWORKS via email. We sincerely wish we will be your reliable casting, precision cnc machinings supplier at the base of mutual benefit.
   The example below demonstrates the procedure for machining a curved surface component, in this case a wing section.
    This is the first stage of machining where the object is to quickly remove the bulk of the waste material, normally with the aid of a ripper cutter (see cutters below), this gives the coarse stepped feature seen in the workpiece above. precision cnc machining

  Semi Roughing
  This stage of machining generally uses a smaller cutter than roughing, typically an end mill, although the aim is still to remove the bulk of the waste material.

  Semi Finishing
The next stage, using a relatively large ball nosed cutter, is to start to form the final profile of the workpiece, removing the steps generated in the two above procedures. precision cnc machinings


  The final stage, and the longest process of all, is the final cut to the desired size. A small ball nosed cutter traversing across the surface produces the finished shape.

Although this is the final machining stage there is still much work to do in the form of hand polishing and finishing before the article is complete.


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